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WTEC Study on Stem Cell Engineering



This study was completed a couple of years ago, but Springer has just published a book version, which is quite handsome.  Here are some links for more information:





WTEC Study on Biological Engineering & Manufacturing


Steve Drew(Chair)  

Drew Solutions

Gang Bao

Georgia Tech.

Chris Bettinger

Carnegie Mellon U.

Kam Leong

Duke U.

Madhusudan Peshwa



Kaiming Ye  

Binghamton U.

You are cordially invited to view an on-line workshop on the international aspects of bio-manufacturing.  The webcast will be on November 5, and we will try to respond to email questions sent on that day.  The webcast can also be viewed later.

The presentations will be from a team of American experts, led by Dr. Steve Drew.  NSF recently sent this expert panel to top labs in Europe and Asia to find good ideas that might be useful in the U.S. as well.  The team found many researchers abroad who are making great progress in producing biomaterials in quantity, to help more and more patients.  There are many opportunities for biotechnology businesses to supply those materials at a profit.  And there are rewarding careers for young people who would like to get into this field.   

You can view the webcast for free at your desk.  All you have to do is fill out a short registration form at Webcast Registration..  We hope that you can attend.

 Here are some links for more information:



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